The Refuge Restaurant and Lounge

The Refuge is happy to announce our new alcoholic beverage catering service. Planning an event is exhausting, so let us manage the bar for your wedding, birthday party, or any other event!

What we cater:

Type of bar:
Hosted (aka open bar) - you purchase all the drinks for your guests
No-host Bar (aka cash bar) - your guests pay for their own drinks
Combo - you elect to pay for certain items and your guests are responsible for orders above and beyond that

The details:
A charge of $150 for set-up fee will be billed in addition to your beverage purchases. This is inclusive of any city and county liquor permits and liability insurance.

Due to liquor laws, all alcoholic beverages must be poured and served over the bar by a Refuge bartender. Self service alcoholic beverages are not allowed at a Refuge catered event.

A 15% gratuity will be added to the invoice based on gross sales.

Need more info?
Call us: 208.424.8211